Site 3.4 Selective logging, unburnt  c. 400 years 
Grid Reference E4720 S52596. Altitude 350m.

Site Description: This site in the Styx Valley has been unburnt for about 400 years and has some Eucalyptus regnans trees of about that age.  These trees are some of the tallest flowering plants in the world reaching about 90m in height.  The emergent eucalypts tower over the secondary canopy of rainforest species that will become pure rainforest as the eucalypts die, if fire is excluded for another 50 years or so.

Distinguishing species:
Dicksonia antarctica Species Information page
Eucalyptus regans Species Information page
Grammitis billardieri Species Information page
Histiopteris incisa Species Information page
Hypolepsis rugulosa Species Information page
Hymenophyllum flabellatum Species Information page
Nothofagus cunninghamii Species Information page
Ecological factors:
Soil: Deep organic clay, well-drained
Aspect: Essentially flat
Slope: less than 5°
Rainfall: 1200-1500mm
Vegetation type: Mixed Forest (Old Growth Forest)
Geology: Sandstone
Common species at this site