Political Leaders: Colonial Governors, and Premiers

Colonial Governors
Lt-Governor John Bowen, 180304 (Risdon Cove)
Lt-Governor David Collins, 180410 (Hobart)
Acting Lt-Governor Edward Lord, 1810
Lt-Governor John Murray, 181012
Lt-Governor Andrew Geils, 181213

Lt-Governor William Paterson, 180408
Acting Lt-Governor John Brabyn, 180810
Lt-Governor George Gordon, 181012
Acting Lt-Governor J Ritchie, 1812

All Tasmania
Lt-Governor Thomas Davey, 181317
Lt-Governor William Sorell, 181724
Lt-Governor George Arthur, 182436
Lt-Governor Sir John Franklin, 183743
Lt-Governor Sir John Eardley Eardley-Wilmot, 184346
Lt-Governor Sir William Denison, 184753

Name, date, electorate, political party where applicable
William Thomas Champ, 185657, Launceston
Thomas George Gregson, 1857, Richmond
William P Weston, 185,7 Ringwood (LC)
Francis Villeneuve Smith, 185760, Fingal
William P Weston, 186061, Longford (LC)
Thomas Daniel Chapman, 186163, Queenborough
James Whyte, 186366, Pembroke (LC)
Richard Dry, 186669, Launceston (LC)
James Wilson, 186972, Hobart (LC)
Frederick Maitland Innes, 187273, Selby
Alfred Kennerley, 187376, Hobart (LC)
Thomas Reibey, 187677, Westbury
Phillip Oakley Fysh, 187778, Hobart
William Robert Giblin, 1878, Hobart
William Crowther, 187879, Hobart (LC)
William Robert Giblin, 197984, Hobart
Adye Douglas, 188486, South Esk (LC)
James Agnew, 188687, Macquarie (LC)
Phillip Oakley Fysh, 188792, Hobart (LC), Liberal
Henry Dobson, 189294, Brighton
Edward Nicholas Braddon, 189499, West Devon, Free Trade
Neil Elliott Lewis, 8991903, Richmond
William Bispham Propsting, 190304, Hobart, Liberal Democrat
John William Evans, 190409, Kingborough
Neil Elliott Lewis, 1909, Denison, Liberal
John Earle, 1909, Franklin, Labor
Neil Elliott Lewis, 190912, Denison, Liberal
Albert Edgar Solomon, 191214, Bass, Liberal
John Earle, 191416, Franklin, Labor
Walter Henry Lee, 191622, Wilmot, Liberal and National
John Blyth Hayes, 192223, Bass, Liberal
Walter Henry Lee, 1923, Wilmot, Liberal
Joseph Aloysius Lyons, 192328, Wilmot, Labor
John Cameron McPhee, 192834, Denison, Liberal
Walter Henry Lee, 1934, Wilmot, Liberal
Albert George Ogilvie, Franklin, 193439, Labor
Edmund Dwyer-Gray, 1939, Denison, Labor
Robert Cosgrove, 193947, Denison, Labor
William Edward Brooker, 194748, Franklin, Labor
Robert Cosgrove, 194858, Denison, Labor
Eric Elliott Reece, 195869, Braddon, Labor
Walter Angus Bethune, 196972, Wilmot, Liberal
Eric Elliott Reece, Braddon, 197275, Labor
William Arthur Neilson, 197577, Franklin, Labor
Douglas Ackley Lowe, 197781, Franklin, Labor
Harold Norman Holgate, 198182, Bass, Labor
Robin Trevor Gray, 198289, Wilmot/Lyons, Liberal
Michael Walter Field, 198992, Braddon, Labor
Raymond John Groom, 199296, Denison, Liberal
Anthony Maxwell Rundle, 199698, Braddon, Liberal
James Alexander Bacon, 19982004, Denison, Labor
Paul Anthony Lennon, 2004, Franklin, Labor

LC: the Premier sat in the Legislative Council. The majority sat in the House of Assembly.
Parliamentary information provided by Peter Reardon, Tasmanian Parliamentary Research Service