fauntleroy execution
The Times, Wednesday, Dec 01, 1824; pg. 2; Issue 12512; col A
     The account of the execution of FAUNTLEROY

Account of execution of Fauntleroy continued:
The Times
, Wednesday, Dec 01, 1824; pg. 2; Issue 12512; col E

fauntleroy execution
'The Upper Condemned Cell at Newgate Prison on the Morning of the Execution of Henry Fauntleroy', 1828. Fauntleroy was convicted of forgery and, reputedly, over 100,000 people witnessed his execution which took place on 30th November 1824. Newgate was the most notorious of London's prisons.
Picture Library, Museum of London

The Times, Monday, Dec 20, 1824; pg. 3; Issue 12528; col E
     Mr. Savery. Particulars Of The Recent Forgeries.

The Times, Monday, Dec 13, 1824; pg. 2; Issue 12522; col F
     Mr. Medland, haberdasher, of Portsea, has received the above letter from an anonymous writer

bristol gaol
Bristol jail, 1831 - Following the Bristol riots, in opposition to the Lords rejection
of the Reform Bill, prisoners are escorted by torchlight to Bristol jail.
Engraving by J.Brett, Mary Evans Picture Library

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