Livestock Production

We bring together interrelated research themes to enhance innovation, productivity and sustainability for temperate grass-fed livestock industries.

We currently focus on four key research, development and education programs that support the promotion of Tasmania as a global leader in environmentally sustainable and ethical grass-fed livestock production.

These programs include:

  • Developing new practices to support the sustainable use of key inputs, such as water and nitrogen at the farm and catchment level.
  • Developing and testing of plant varieties that can withstand climate change and challenges in rain-fed pastures.
  • Adapting the grass-fed livestock system to meet changing societal needs in a way that respects both animal welfare and human well-being.
  • Utilising novel feed additives and forages to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions from pasture-based livestock systems.

We work closely with key stakeholders in the generation and transfer of new knowledge and existing best practice directly to livestock producers.

TIA Dairy Research Facility

Situated on lush green pastures with picturesque views overlooking Table Cape, the TIA Dairy Research Facility is arguably one of the best ‘offices’ in the world.

The facility has recently been upgraded as the result of a $7.8 million joint-investment from the Tasmanian Government and the University of Tasmania to support the future success of TIA’s research farms in the North-West.

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