Barley waterlogging tolerance improvement program

Project details

Status: Current

TIA is partnering with Seed Force to add a waterlogging tolerance gene to RGT Planet barley.

The project builds on a previous TIA-led project, funded by the Australian Research Council, that identified a major gene controlling the tolerance of waterlogging in barley.

Significant research

The discovery has received significant interest from farmers and plant breeders, eager for the gene to be incorporated into commercial varieties.

TIA has signed an agreement with Seed Force as our commercial partner to develop a new variety of barley that will withstand extreme wet conditions with no negative impacts on its yield and quality.

The issue of waterlogging

Waterlogging is a huge issue in high-rainfall zones around Australia and yield losses in barley crops can be up to 50 per cent. By developing a variety that is more tolerant to wet conditions we can help farmers increase their productivity and profitability.

The gene will be introduced to commercial variety RGT Planet barley through a breeding progress known as introgression. The process requires several backcrosses assisted with genomic selection to ensure the background of the commercial variety is preserved while the waterlogging tolerance gene is added.

For more information contact:

Professor Meixue Zhou