Improving the representation of soil productivity in decision support systems

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Status: Current

Farmers often face complex and multiple soil constraints to agricultural production which are difficult and costly to diagnose, assess and ameliorate.

The site-specific nature of such multiple soil constraints and significant cost to address means amelioration decisions are an ideal case for Decision Support Systems (DSS) and models.

This project will improve already exiting and widely used DSSs (e.g. ARM Online, Yield Prophet and Soil Water App) though developing and improving soil constraint modules in their underlying analysis engines (e.g. APSIM and HowLeaky?) behind them.

Focusing on DSS with existing user bases will ensure early and rapid adoption of the project’s science outcomes and will provide enhanced decision support to the agricultural sector for addressing complex soil productivity/constraint challenges that limit farm productivity. Ultimately, this will help with farm decision-makers formulate interventions and new management strategies to improve farm productivity.

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Professor Caroline Mohammed