Development of shelf-life models for beef, lamb and pork

Project details

Status: Current

At a glance

  • TIA food scientists are working with Meat and Livestock Australia to help the red meat industry achieve its food security and sustainability agenda.
  • The research will develop a tool for shelf-life prediction of red meat products in supply chains.
  • This tool will offer an innovative and cost-effective approach for the industry to better manage its supply chains, including optimising product quality, avoiding unexpected loss of quality (at each stage of cold chain) and reduced wastage.

Better predicting shelf-life

This project seeks to exploit the science underpinning red-meat shelf life and well-validated predictive models for shelf life of Australian vacuum-packed red meat in supply chains.It will expand the applicability of existing models to predict shelf life of meat in other common packaging systems such as vacuum skin packs, modified atmosphere packs and overwrap trays.

User-friendly app

Due to recent advances in data logging and wireless communication, the project also intends to develop a user-friendly interface and/or 'app' that can directly receive data from a temperature data logger via Bluetooth or Cloud systems and translate this into a useful information for industry Quality Assurance managers in real time.

Benefit to industry

The new knowledge and decision-support tool developed will bring innovation to the Australian red meat industry to monitor and manage cold chains for various products including those required for further processing.

For more information contact:

Dr  Jay Kocharunchitt


This project is funded by Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA).