Resin Canal Discolouration in Australian mangoes

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Status: Completed

PhD Candidate Umar Muhammad has found critical clues about the cause of Resin Canal Discolouration (RCD) in Australian mangoes.

The cause of the mango browning disorder RCD, had stumped growers until 2019. The breakthrough came after several years of experiments and research in the Northern Territory by Umar and Northern Territory Government researchers.

They discovered that RCD occurs during post-harvest and that avoiding contamination is essential to prevent it.

Umar developed a method that allowed researchers access to unprecedented levels of RCD-infected fruit – inoculating healthy fruit, then injecting RCD into select groups via needle.

One hundred per cent of the injected mangoes developed RCD and zero control mangoes developed the disorder.

The research will help develop RCD management strategies which could save the industry up to $10 million per year.

Umar is currently in the process of writing his thesis, which he is planning to submit at the end of November 2019.

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