More cherries after summer

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Status: Completed

Cherries tend to be a summer treat, but what if they were available fresh in the supermarket until Autumn?

PhD candidate Claire McCrory is working to extend the shelf life of sweet cherries. She is investigating how the supply chain, including temperature and logistics processes, affects cherry quality.

Using this data, Ms McCrory hopes to identify how she could help cherries stay fresh for longer and reduce cherry losses and waste across the season.

She is also looking into different types of packaging that will better withstand different temperatures and comparing these to grape bags.

Listen to the project ABC Country Hour interview at 49mins

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Professor Dugald Close


With $4.2 million total funding, the ARC Training Centre for Innovative Horticultural Products was a collaboration with Woolworths, the University of Tasmania, and Australia-wide industry partners and researchers. The Centre was located at the Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture.