Preventing potato greening

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Status: Completed

Potatoes turn green when they are exposed to light, resulting in a product that is not a favourite on the supermarket shelves.

Can we stop the greening and the waste?

PhD student Sabine Tanios is uncovering the major risk factors that affect greening in potatoes, and figuring out how to reduce greening in the field and in the store.

Sabine Tanios says that it’s safe to eat slightly green potatoes.

“Just peel away the really green parts – these bits contain higher concentrations of the bitter-tasting glycoalkaloids,” Sabine said.

Sabine’s research will help develop potato growing methods, new potato packaging and different lighting in stores.

"We’ve found that blue light can cause much higher greening than others so we’re trying to work on controlling the type (of light) that you can use in the supermarket," she said.

Sabine submitted her thesis in September 2019 and had her paper published in November 2019.

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