Alternative management methods

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What other methods are available for managing codling moths in orchards?
Cultural, chemical and biological methods can be used to control codling moth.  Strategically applied insecticides are used at the time when larvae are present.

There are chemical and biological control options.  The biological options include Bacillus thuringiensis (BT), a naturally occurring bacterium found in soil and plants (sold as Dipel) and the highly specific Grandex insecticide which contains a granulovirus of codling moth.  Mating disruption using pheromone ties in trees may be suitable for large, sheltered orchards. 

Natural enemies of codling moth can be encouraged by planting a diversity of flowering species or introducing commercially reared insect species such as Trichogramma wasp and Mastrus wasp. Sterile insect technology complements biological management of codling moth.