Codling moth damage

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What damage does a codling moth do to apples?
Codling moth larvae cause two types of damage. The first larvae to reach fruit often feed on the surface of the fruit before finding a site into which to tunnel. This initial feeding results in shallow excavated areas, which can become scarred or deformed.  The second type of damage is when the larvae tunnel and excavate as they feed their way towards the core of the apple.  Once they reach the core they feed on the seeds. Often the fruit flesh around these tunnels is broken down by bacteria and the tunnels are plugged by the insects using excreta (frass), which can be seen exuding from the entry hole. As the larvae leave the fruit they again tunnel through the flesh to reach the exterior. This internal injury can lead to premature ripening and fruit drop. (Adapted from APAL Integrated Pest Management for Australian Apples & Pears 02/10)

Do codling moth attack fruit other than apples?
Yes.  Codling moth infest pears, crab apples, quinces, summer fruit, walnuts and chestnuts