Tasmanian Certified Seed Potato Scheme

Project details

Status: Current

The Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture manages the Tasmanian Certified Seed Potato Scheme, which is a form of quality control for seed potatoes.

Certification ensures the propagation of high yielding, high quality seed lines, and is essential for the maintenance of a sustainable potato industry.

It limits the build-up of diseases within seed lines and allows the movement of seed potatoes across state and national boundaries.

How do I know I am buying Certified Seed?

When purchasing seed from a certified seed grower or a merchandiser the buyer should always ask to see the label stating that is certified. This should be a black or red label and contain the following information:

  • Name of Grower
  • Variety – Generation
  • Region grown
  • Paddock Number
  • Rating
  • Month and Year of harvest
  • Signature of an authorised certification officer

For more information contact:

Doug Clark