Preserving pasture for the future

Project details

Status: Current

TIA is leading the temperate grasses regeneration program for the Australian Pastures Genebank, to ensure the quality and diversity of pasture species germplasm is preserved for future breeding and research challenges.

Dr Rowan Smith explains the project - putting seeds in the bank to preserve pasture.

Tassie site

The Tasmanian site at Cressy is one of four regeneration sites around Australia, with others located in Western Australia, South Australia and Queensland.

Pasture regeneration program

TIA's role in the regeneration program includes managing biosecurity requirements for the movement of germplasm, growing crops for seed production, and plant characterisation of specific traits.

The pasture regeneration program is a large-scale operation. There are more than 200 unique accessions, with an average of 100 plants spread over 10 hectares at the Cressy Research Station, in Northern Tasmania.

Australian Pastures Genebank

From these crops, the team aim to produce around 3 million seeds, to deposit into the Australian Pastures Genebank (APG). The samples at the APG are stored for long-term conservation and can also be used by plant breeders. A duplicate is also sent to the Global Seed Vault, in Svalbard Norway. Find out more about the APG

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Dr Rowan Smith