Sensory experiences of cubed watermelon

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Status: Completed

It is tricky to fit a whole watermelon in your lunchbox, but a container of cubed ‘fresh-cut’ watermelon is possible!

Convenient ‘fresh-cut’ fruit products are now available in supermarkets, and PhD student Michelle Mendoza-Enano has been finding out what customers think about these products.

As part of this project, Woolworths customers tasted cubed watermelon and describing their sensory experiences to Michelle.

Michelle then spent over a year testing different types of packaging and processing methods to come up with recommendations for ‘fresh-cut’ fruit products that are appealing and flavourful.

Michelle published her first paper in August 2019 and her second paper in October 2019. She is now in the process of writing her thesis.

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With $4.2 million total funding, the ARC Training Centre for Innovative Horticultural Products was a collaboration with Woolworths, the University of Tasmania, and Australia-wide industry partners and researchers. The Centre was located at the Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture.