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mage of The LIST - online tutorial

What is the LIST? - UTAS Library has produced an interactive, self-paced tutorial designed to improve students' information and research skills. The LIST stands for Library Information and Research Skills Tutorial

Find the LIST - All students and staff of UTAS have access to the LIST in MyLO

Check the LIST - There are three modules available in the tutorial

Discuss the LIST - Use the discussion boards to talk to others about aspects of the tutorial

Complete the LIST - Test your knowledge with our quizzes
  • What is referencing, why is it important and when do I have to do it?
  • Navigating referencing styles
  • What is the difference between an in-text citation, a reference list and a bibliography?
  • How do I know what type of source I'm looking at on a reference list?
Analysing an Assignment Topic
  • How do I break down my assignment questions?
  • What is the assignment question asking me to do?
  • What if I'm unsure about the meanings of words or concepts in my assignment question?
  • Have I been asked to do anything else in my assignment question?
Planning your Search
  • Why do I need to plan my search, and how do I do that?
  • Where can I find out what information I already have?
  • How do I find similar words to the key concepts in my assignment question?
  • How do I combine my search terms to get better results?
  • Are there any other useful search techniques I should be aware of?
  • I've got the search words I need, but how do I limit my search further?
  • Where should I begin to look for information?
The LIST has been created using SSAF funding 2013

Are you new to the UTAS Library? 

The Library Research Skills Guide will show you:

  • how to tell the difference between books, chapters and articles on your reading list
  • how to use the Reading Lists Index for easy access to your required readings
  • the fastest ways to find a specific title in the Library
  • how to plan your search so that you don't waste time gathering information you don't need

These are comprehensive interactive modules which offer self-paced learning.


Do you prefer a quick video introduction to Library resources ?

Try our YouTube videos - all videos have PDF transcripts and closed captioning (select captioning from the YouTube icon menu).

Structure of Library Resources

 Structure of Library's resources 

 Transcript (PDF 58.0KB)


 Search the Library Catalogue

 Search the Library Catalogue 

 Transcript (PDF 64.4 KB)


Library Guides

 Library Guides

 Transcript (PDF 67.1KB)


 Reading Lists

 Reading Lists 

 Transcript (PDF 64.5KB)


 Finding and requesting a known book

 Finding and requesting a known book

 Transcript (PDF 66.6KB)


Finding a known journal article

 Finding a known journal article 

 Transcript (PDF 67.6KB)

Research Process (Part 1)

 Research Process (Part 1) 

 Transcript (PDF 69.7KB)

Research Process (Part 2) 

 Research process (Part 2) 

 Transcript (PDF 60.2KB)


Research demonstration (Part 1 Finding general information) 

 Research demonstration (Part 1 Finding general information)

 Transcript (PDF 71.1KB)

Research demonstration (Part 2 Finding books)

 Research demonstration (Part 2 Finding books) 

 Transcript (PDF 68.9KB)

Research demonstration (Part 3 - Finding Journal Articles)

 Research demonstration (Part 3 Finding journal articles) 

 Transcript (PDF 70.5KB)

How to find a book on the shelf

 How to find a books on the shelf 

 Transcript (PDF 144KB)

video of Morris Miller Library orientation

 Welcome to the Morris Miller Library