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For researchers

"The librarian induction and talks which was part of the XGR501/502 courses were fantastic. The research librarians were lovely and very helpful. I learnt very useful skills through their guidance, e.g. alerts for papers, using endnote, search terms."

HDR Candidate Experience Survey - 2020


Learning and Research Librarians will guide you in developing and applying search strategies, accessing key literature and help you to ascertain the research gap. Prepare your research identity and research data collection.


Identify where to publish your research outputs. Consider the sources for outputs to be indexed and reach the target audience, and for publisher reputation. Look for ways to maximise your impact.

Measure Impact

To evaluate the level of engagement with your research outputs and gauge their impact.

  • Bibliometrics. Investigate which publications have been cited, by whom, where and when?
  • Altmetrics. Investigate if your outputs have attracted attention in social media or mainstream media or have influenced policy changes.
  • Create Google Scholar Citations to view metrics on your research outputs such as your h-index.

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