Impact of giving

Philanthropy makes a real difference to the University of Tasmania and we are delighted to celebrate the impact of your support.


From the Vice-Chancellor

I am delighted to share with you our 2022 collection of Impact stories, a reflection of the positive difference philanthropy has made at the University of Tasmania over the last calendar year.

The world faces some strong headwinds at the moment, and it seems we are moving into a whole new era characterised by climate change, biodiversity loss, growing inequality, rapidly rising costs of living and geopolitical conflict.

Professor Rufus Black

It is also characterised by people mobilising to address these challenges, and there are many hopeful signs of progress towards creating a zero carbon and circular economy, and a more biodiverse and inclusive world.

Addressing these challenges, and making a real difference to Tasmania – and the lives of Tasmanians – is the core mission of this University.

It is what drives our research, our teaching and our student experience, and we are very grateful to all who support this mission through their generosity. As you will read in this magazine, your philanthropy makes a real difference, here on the island and beyond.

Looking across these stories, I am struck also by the persistent themes of excellence and accessibility. These two go hand-in-hand, as innovation and enduring positive change relies on the contribution of diverse experiences, skills and knowledge. No community can afford to turn away from calling upon and supporting this richness. Likewise, no one should miss out on making a contribution simply because they can’t afford to.

Those who are supporting access scholarships are making a profound difference here. Your generosity enables us to welcome and graduate many students each year who are the first in their families to attend university – and even, in some cases, to finish school.

I have been fortunate in the past 12 months to meet on campus with some of the University’s scholarship recipients. Many have broken an educational ceiling in their communities and even a taboo against higher learning.

I am as proud of each one of these students as I am of our internationally recognised researchers.

Your giving changes lives and ensures our world-class research continues to thrive. Gift by gift, your philanthropy is helping to transform our State.

Thank you for your support of our University, our students and our work.

Professor Rufus Black

Rebecca Cuthill

Every year, I am inspired by the stories of the life-changing impact of scholarships, especially those which enable students who are experiencing barriers to education to attend and excel at university. There are many students who have benefited in this way. One who stood out to me this year is Sciences and Engineering student Brianna Fenton, who I met at a donor event where she generously shared her story. Brianna is the carer for her mother and young siblings following a family tragedy, yet has successfully completed her combined degree thanks to assistance from the Judith McKernan Scholarship in Science. She has recently started working in a graduate position at Hydro Tasmania.

We also celebrate the very real difference that philanthropy is making to research at the University, from helping answer priority scientific questions that will help save the Tasmanian devil, to restoring our marine environment.

Through tackling these significant issues facing our island home, our researchers are making contributions to profound research challenges worldwide, from cancer research to environmental rehabilitation.

We were humbled that this year the number of donors choosing to make a philanthropic gift was the highest to date, and we appreciate the positive feedback from donors about our prudent and respectful management of these funds.

The possibilities are endless when people with a keen interest in supporting others to achieve great outcomes are connected with those with a passion, talent and commitment for making change. The legacy of these impacts can be longlasting, changing not only the lives of individuals but making a difference from Tasmania to the world. We appreciate your contribution to making this difference.

Thank you.

Rebecca Cuthill
Director, Advancement
on behalf of the University philanthropy team

The impact of your generosity

With your generosity, we have achieved outstanding outcomes over the last year.

Your support has changed the lives of students who would otherwise not be able to attend university, while celebrating success through scholarships, prizes and fellowships. It has also underpinned the research we need to tackle pressing concerns, from medical research to environmental restoration and beyond. Thank you.


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