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Support and wellbeing

Whether you need academic assistance, career guidance, or just someone to talk to, we’re here to help.

University should be an unforgettable experience that changes the way you see the world. That's why we encourage you to explore beyond the classroom and take part in the social opportunities on offer.

You can connect with new people through events, sports, volunteering opportunities, and more.

Student Portal

Our dedicated Student Portal makes it easy to get the information you need, when you need it. From career guidance to counselling, learning support, university news to upcoming events, you'll gain automatic access to the portal upon accepting your offer.

Student Portal access for current students


When you become a student with us, you get access to confidential and professional counselling, both in person and online. These services are available for those experiencing academic, mental health and personal concerns. Counsellors can also help to connect the wider community with specialist services.

In the meantime, if you need support, follow the link below.

Community support available for mental health and wellbeing


Our community prides itself on being fair and inclusive. If you have a disability and/or health condition (including mental health), and you need to make any adjustments to your study program, our advisers are here to help.

Learn more about Accessibility services

Learning support

We offer a range of programs and resources to help you thrive at university. These include training in time management, effective researching, assignment writing, and more. Accessed through the Student Portal, our support services include:

  • Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) - student led study groups for specific units.
  • Student Advisers - one-on-one specialised support to help stay on track
  • Learning workshops and webinars - live and pre-recorded sessions across a range of topics
  • 24 Hour Study Support - Live chat anytime (literally 24/7) with subject matter experts for assignment feedback
  • Learning Lounge - drop in and talk with other students and peer mentors

Career guidance

Getting career advice while you're at university eases the transition from study to work. We can assist you in:

  • making decisions about your career,
  • finding work while you're studying, and
  • connecting you with employers.


We believe that finances should never be a barrier to university. To help students, we offer hundreds of scholarships, bursaries and prizes. You can even apply for multiple scholarships in one simple application.

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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students

The Riawunna Centre team is focused on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander student success. They provide a culturally welcoming space for students to study, access academic and cultural support, and be a part of a dynamic community.

Safe and Fair Community Unit

This is a university-wide service providing support, advice and information to keep everyone in our community safe and well. A safe and respectful University community is everybody's responsibility.

We are here to listen, provide information and advice regarding your options and support, and where appropriate, will facilitate actions to assist you with your situation.

We respond to notifications of sexual assault or sexual harassment, concerns raised in relation to wellbeing or behaviour, reports of misconduct and the lodgement of general concerns or complaints.

Campus safety and security

Campus Security is available day and night to deal with any security or safety concerns.

Contacts for all campuses

COVID-19 updates

Our community, like others around the world, has been adapting to the impacts of COVID-19. This has been a challenging period, and we realise that it has been disruptive and stressful for students.

Learn how we're supporting our students, staff and the community

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