People living with a disability, including students, staff, residents and visitors are part of our university community.

As part of our commitment to equity and inclusion we launched the Disability Inclusion Action Plan 2022-2024 on the 3rd of December 2021, the International Day of People with Disability.

The plan for inclusion identifies targeted actions in five priority areas: Learning and teaching, Digital and online environment, Employment, Leadership and capability building and an inclusive campus. In 2022, we commenced work on some key milestones including:

  • A ongoing consultation process with student representatives from the Disability Collective Society of Students Identifying with Disability (DiSCo) to inform key actions for 2023 and beyond. This consultation process aims to bring together key partners across the University to deliver on the actions laid out in DIAP.
  • The introduction of UniMaps for all campuses, real-time wayfinding on any device. This was designed with accessibility in mind including features such as high and low mode options and contrast options for people with low vision.
  • A full review of our student communications, UniApp, Student Portal and website to ensure we meet University Accessibility requirements.
  • Increased inclusion and participation across the University Community Experience Model sports program by students with disability with the introduction of the Tasmanian University Pickleball Society.
  • Development of staff resources and toolkits for inclusive practices.

The Disability Inclusion Action Plan 2022-2024 has been developed in consultation with a wide range of stakeholders across the University, including academic and professional staff and representatives of students with disability. Creating diverse, inclusive, and accessible educational experiences and environments to which people with disability feel a sense of belonging and connection is the responsibility of all members of the University community.

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