Leadership and volunteering

Stand out from the crowd and create your own leadership story.

We recognise the potential for leadership to develop at all levels of society and to be both personally and collectively transformational.

As a student with us you can access a range of opportunities to learn, experience and be recognised for your leadership.

This may include building your self-awareness and capacity to self-reflect; volunteering opportunities within your community, working with diverse groups of people towards a shared goal and/or contributing to positive change for your community.


Our programs are tailored to you individually so you can focus on your own personal aspirations and journey. You'll explore the concepts of leadership through self-discovery and activities that lead to a positive change in the world.

Leadership opportunities include:

Opportunities for high achievers

We offer many unique programs for high achieving students, including  extra experiences and activities to take your studies to the next level, and to prepare future leaders.

We also have a program to support elite athletes studying with us, and options for high school students to gain credit for future studies.

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Being a volunteer means surrounding yourself with like-minded people and working together to help others. All year-round, the University of Tasmania has many volunteering opportunities available to all students from a variety of backgrounds.

Meet new friends, network, and make unique connections.

Increasingly, employers are looking for demonstrated leadership experience and skills when recruiting university graduates.

There are a number of professional and personal benefits to be gained from volunteering. Volunteering will give you the opportunity to:

  • Meet new people
  • Help others
  • Have your hours formally recognised by the University of Tasmania
  • Improve your communication skills
  • Enhance your career opportunities
  • Develop your leadership skills

Once you have accepted your offer and enrolled you'll be able to login to the Student Portal to express your interest and explore.

Become a Student Ambassador

Our ambassadors proudly represent the University throughout Tasmania in schools, at University and community events, and support a range of recruitment and engagement activities.

Through the Student Ambassador Program you will be paid as a casual employee and have many opportunities for training and professional development, experience in real-world community engagement and outreach, networking, and public speaking, plus end up with a key point of distinction on your CV.

Opportunities to join the Student Ambassador Program will be advertised in the Student Portal.