Opportunities for high achievers

At the University of Tasmania, we offer many unique programs for high achieving students. Explore your options today.

Catalyst Program

The Catalyst Program provides high achieving students with extra experiences, activities and opportunities. These include overseas trips, summer research programs, scholarships, special events, and more.

Bachelor of Philosophy

The Bachelor of Philosophy is a fee-free, dual degree, teaching students to be future leaders. The bachelor offers courses on leadership and service, research and multidisciplinary perspectives.

Creative Innovators Program

The Creative Innovators Program prepares you to design a better future. This program is perfect for high achievers with a passion for design, creation and innovation.

Elite Athlete Program

The University of Tasmania Elite Athlete Program exists to support students who compete in elite level sport. To aid you in achieving your goals, our benefits include:

  • Full access to our state wide gym facilities
  • Study support to help maintain a balance between your sporting and academic goals
  • Access to additional scholarship and bursary opportunities
  • Personalised support from our Elite Athlete Program Coordinator

High Achievers Program

If you're still in high school, the High Achievers Program allows students to gain credit for their future studies, and to have an early experience of university life.

As well as providing students with academic challenge and the chance to experience University life, the High Achiever Program offers a number of other benefits including:

  • Subsidised course costs
  • Credit towards a University of Tasmania Degree
  • Counting units towards the ATAR
  • Access to facilities and support services
  • Guaranteed offer of a place in a University degree program

Scholarships and prizes

Our scholarships and prizes program includes state, national and international sponsored programs. We offer more than 400 scholarships across all areas of study. You can even apply for multiple scholarships in one easy application.