Professional Skills - Preview

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About these courses

Our professional skills short courses are designed to complement your existing skills and knowledge to give your CV a boost.

Choose from a range of courses such as Data for Decision Making, Problem Solving and Critical Thinking, Project Management Basics, Lean Thinking, Networking, and more. Each course should take you approximately 10 hours to complete, making them a quick and rewarding way to add to your professional skills.

Successful completion of each course in this series can provide you with a credential into ZPP101 Professional Skills and Practice. On completion of each course you will receive a Certificate of Completion.

Did you know?

  • Each course you complete in the series will provide a credential into unit ZPP101 Professional Skills and Practice.
  • Choose to register for a single course or pick-and-mix your favourite courses to chart your personalised learning journey.
  • Courses are fully online to enable you to learn when and where you choose.

Meet your instructor

Dr Cherie Hawkins is the course coordinator of the experiential education team at University College, University of Tasmania.

Cherie works collaboratively to ensure all programs within the University College are practice-based, and include hands-on learning, to enable learners to develop a range of employability skills.

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