Where study meets sustainability

We see sustainability as an opportunity across everything we do at our University, so as a student you can explore your passion for sustainability in many ways.

Sustainability Integration Program for Students

Follow your passion for sustainability and apply the skills you're learning to real-world sustainability challenges across our university.

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Green Impact Program

As a student, you'll be able to register for the Green Impact Program which is designed to celebrate, inspire and recognise the contributions of students and staff at our university.

Take practical action to improve the sustainability of your campus, collaborate with students you may not usually work with and engage in creative activities with an element of friendly competition.

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Other ways to get involved

Students for a Sustainable UTAS

If you’re on Facebook, check out @StudentsforaSustainableUTAS. This community group is passionate about creating a sustainable future for our University and the wider community. Give them a follow for student-led news, initiatives, events and projects that you can get involved in.
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Leadership and volunteering

The potential to develop leadership and volunteering skills at all levels of society can be both personally and collectively transformative. Access opportunities to learn, experience and be recognised. Surround yourself with like-minded people working together to help others, meet new friends, network, and make unique connections.
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UTAS Cares

@UTasCares develops sustainable collaborations between students and staff at the University and a broad range of grassroots, community-based ecological volunteer groups. Give them a follow to stay up-to-date with opportunities to get involved with local ecological volunteering activities while studying.
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Sustainability Bulletin

Keen to stay up-to-date with all things sustainability at the University? Our Sustainability Bulletin explores the last developments, along with details of upcoming events and opportunities, and free resources. You don’t have to wait to be a student to subscribe. And once you’ve settled in at uni, you can also submit content.
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Students for Sustainability

This working group of the Sustainability Committee is made up of student members from all study areas, campuses, and clubs and societies to provide a broad student voice in sustainability. And you can join to help make sure sustainability is an essential part of the student experience across all aspects of uni life.
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Student Sustainability Survey

Every two years, we conduct a survey to gain insights into student perceptions, aspirations, and behaviours on sustainability and the performance of the University. The results inform our strategies and are used in benchmarking and the delivery of sustainability initiatives and programs. Make sure you have your say.
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Global Climate Change Week (GCCW)

There is an urgent need to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases much more quickly than currently projected. And it's critical to adapt to the global warming that now cannot be prevented.

GCCW brings together students, academics, and professional staff from universities across the country, along with local communities and policymakers, to ensure these needs are met.

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Join a club or society

The Tasmanian University Student Association has many clubs and societies centred around sustainability. Join an existing one such as the Australian Youth Climate Coalition, Beekeeping Society, Community Engagement Tasmania Society, and Zero Waste Society, or even start your own.

TUSA also offers programs like the Freshie Bag offering you affordable fruit and vegetables, and Student Voice which gives you the opportunity to develop a sustainability research project.

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Leading the way for a sustainable future

The University of Tasmania has ranked #1 on climate action for universities internationally.

We are officially the tertiary sector’s world-leader in taking climate action, with the prestigious Times Higher Education (THE) Impact Rankings rating us number one in climate action globally for 2022.

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Sustainability portal

Working together, we’ve become certified carbon neutral, divested from fossil fuels, and are recognised as the world's leading university on Climate Action.

However, our approach to sustainability goes beyond the environment alone. Explore our holistic commitment to sustainability and key initiatives.

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