Python Programming Foundations

Develop key foundational Python programming skills in a sought-after skill set. Register now and start anytime.

10 hours

About this course

This short course will cover the basics of computers and programming, as well as introducing you to the foundations of programming in the Python programming language. The course is designed for beginners with no prior coding experience. It aims to provide a strong foundation in the language, including syntax. The course covers various aspects of programming including working with variables, data types, operators as well as inputs and outputs. Hands-on exercises and projects will give learners the opportunity to apply the concepts they have learned and develop practical coding skills.

On completion of this course, you will receive a digital Certificate of Completion as well as a credential point to support your further study. This course is one of several courses that comprise the Professional and Industry Skills suite.

Who should do this course?

The course is ideal for beginners with no prior coding experience seeking to develop a strong foundation in the Python language and practical coding skills.

Course Structure

This self-directed course provides 10 hours of online learning. You will have up to six months to access the materials and complete the course once you register, ensuring this course is adaptable to your work and lifestyle requirements.

What you will learn

As part of the course, you will be able to:

  • Create Python programs
  • Create variables and carry out arithmetic, logic, and comparison operators on them
  • Take input from a user and store it
  • Display data and instructions to a user through the shell
  • Use If… statements to branch your programs based on specific conditions
  • Use while loops to create programs with multiple options and functionalities

Start your journey in web development, machine learning or robotics

Develop your understanding of the programming language and potential

Informed by community and industry practitioners

Receive a Certificate of Completion and a credit point towards further study

Behind this course

This short course has been developed by experienced educators, industry leaders and skilled professionals, ensuring you receive an up-to-date and well-rounded short course. Utilising community and industry consultation, you’ll complete this course with the information and understanding demanded by modern industry, well-equipped for whatever you do next. Built with flexible learning options, this short course has been designed to fit into your schedule, with the learning to be flexible, engaging and practice based.

Studying this short course can provide you with credit points for the elective unit "Industry Skills in Practice". For more information, please contact the unit coordinator.