Fee waivers

Fee waivers allow the University to provide support and learning opportunities to students. Find out which waivers may be available to you.

The University has an arrangement with a number of partner organisations, including the Department of Health and Human Services, and the Department of Education. As part of this commitment, the University provides ongoing support and learning opportunities by offering fee waivers in a range of courses to students affiliated with these organisations. Fee waivers are also available for some University staff and alumni.

A fee waiver is a discount applied to a student fee.

A HECS waiver is a particular type of fee waiver, which is applied to the student contribution amount (aka HECS fee) that is charged to students studying in a Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP). HECS waivers may also be referred to as a HECS scholarship.

Find out which fee waivers may be available to you.

The closing date for applications for a fee waiver is the census date applicable to your enrolment. If you apply for a fee waiver, we advise that you check your invoice before the census date to ensure the waiver has been applied.

If you meet the eligibility criteria common to all fee waivers, as well as the eligibility guidelines specific to the waiver you are applying for, the fee waiver will be approved. To be approved prior to the census date, make sure that you provide all supporting documents.

*Please note: Fee waivers are separate to the Scholarships and Prizes Program (merit and equity-based scholarships).