Fee waivers

Fee waivers allow the University to provide support and learning opportunities to students. Find out which waivers may be available to you.

A fee waiver is a discount that is applied to a student’s account, which reduces or waives the fee. Waivers may be offered to either CSP or Full Fee Paying students depending on the individual eligibility requirements.

A HECS waiver is a particular type of discount, which is applied to the student contribution amount (aka HECS fee) that is charged to students studying in a Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP). A HECS waiver may also be referred to as a HECS scholarship.

You must be enrolled at the University of Tasmania and studying in a Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP) to be eligible.

Job Ready Graduate Waivers

Here are some of our courses covered by a full or part HECS fee waiver. Visit the course page for more details.

Industry and Partner Waivers

General eligibility criteria:

  • Available for units studied at the University of Tasmania only.
  • You must apply annually. Apply before the payment due date in the study period you would like to be supported for. Unfortunately, we can’t consider your application after the census date.
  • If you are receiving a fee waiver, and there is a change to your current or future which may affect your eligibility, please contact us to let us know.
  • The majority of HECS waivers will cover your fees up to a maximum of 25 credit points.

Here are some of our courses covered by a full or part HECS fee waiver. Please visit the below individual waiver pages for more details.

Merit and access scholarships

Fee waivers are separate to the Scholarships and Bursaries Prizes Program.

For more information regarding our Fee Waivers, please contact us.

Sponsorship arrangements

If your fees are to be paid for by a University of Tasmania-approved third party, please provide written authorisation from the sponsoring organisation to UTAS.Sponsors@utas.edu.au. The authorisation will need to include the following details:

  • Details of the student being sponsored, eg. Name, Student ID number.
  • Name of Course or Unit being funded by the Sponsor
  • Sponsor's Name and email address for invoicing purposes.
  • Contact person within the organisation
  • Sponsor's Address and Phone Details

By entering into a sponsorship arrangement you, the student, understand that:

  • you are responsible for the payment of all fees relevant to your course of study at the University of Tasmania within the specified deadlines, with the exception of the fees agreed to be paid by your sponsor; if your sponsor defaults, you remain liable for the fees.
  • you consent to the provision of details of your student record and course to your sponsor.

For further information about University of Tasmania-approved organisations, please contact us.