Undergraduate Certificate in Antarctic and Climate Science (70H)

Overview  2023

Entry Requirements

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Minimum 0.5 Years, up to a maximum of 2 Years


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Semester 2

This course may not be available to international students. Please see the list of distance courses (i.e. online and taken outside Australia) that are offered to international students

Developed by researchers at the Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies (IMAS), and climate science experts at the University of Tasmania, your studies span cross disciplinary themes with a strong focus on climate change, marine ecosystems and ocean and Antarctic governance.

The Undergraduate Certificate in Antarctic and Climate Science will introduce you to the study of global climate change, highlighting the challenges facing society due to human impact on our marine and Antarctic environments.

Tasmania is a global centre for scientific research, governance and logistical support for Antarctica and the Southern Ocean. This course leverages these strengths to provide you with essential knowledge and understanding of the treaties and laws that govern Antarctica, shaping the future of our oceans and the Antarctic Region.

Your studies can literally be the tip of the iceberg in this fascinating area of science, environment and law. You'll discover the values of marine ecosystems and their greatest threats, learn about current climate change impacts on biodiversity and human systems, and understand the effect of southern high-latitude regions on the Earth’s climate, oceans and weather.

After completing this course, you will understand and be able to communicate the drivers and influence of climate change on society, marine ecosystems and the Antarctic.

Study without tuition fees in 2023

Domestic students commencing the Undergraduate Certificate in 2023 may be eligible to receive a 100% HECS fee waiver. If eligible, you will not pay tuition fees for this course. HECS fee waivers will be automatically applied on enrolment.

  • 1 Describe the influence of climate change and climate variability on society and marine ecosystems.
  • 2 Explain the drivers and processes of climate change on the Earth system
  • 3 Explain how international treaties and laws are used to manage resources and access to the Southern Ocean and Antarctica
  • 4 Discuss key concepts relevant to Antarctic and climate science to specialist and non-specialist audiences
  • Career outcomes

    This course exposes you to key concepts and skills either as an initial overview of Antarctic and climate science, or as a foundation for further studies.

    For those looking for professional development, this course can provide career advancement for local government employees, anyone in a planning role, and professionals working in fields that may be impacted by our changing climate.

    Continue your studies in this field through enrolling in the Bachelor of Marine and Antarctic Science and receive course credit for the relevant units completed in this Undergraduate Certificate.

    Course structure

    The Undergraduate Certificate in Antarctic and Climate Science (UGCertAntClimSci) is a four unit course.


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    Entry requirements

    This Undergraduate Certificate is open to applicants from a broad range of backgrounds.

    Domestic Applicants who have recently completed secondary education

    Completed the TCE (or equivalent)

    Domestic Applicants with higher education study

    Completed at least one undergraduate unit (equivalent to 12.5 UTAS credit points).

    Domestic Applicants with VET / TAFE study

    A completed VET Certificate III or higher,

    Domestic Applicants with work and life experience

    If you have not successfully completed senior secondary, tertiary or TAFE/VET study, but have relevant work and life experience you can complete a personal competency statement. You may be eligible for an offer if you have work and life experiences that demonstrate a capacity to succeed in this course.




    If your ability to access or participate in education has been affected by circumstances beyond your control, you can apply for special consideration as part of your application. We will consider a range of factors for special consideration, including economic hardship, a serious medical condition or disability.

    We can only approve applications for special consideration where we are confident that you have the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in your studies. If your application is not approved, the admissions team will work with you to find the best alternative pathway to your chosen course. Special consideration is not available for international applicants.

    Students completing the Undergraduate Certificate in Antarctic and Climate Science can receive advanced standing for four 12.5 credit point units of the Bachelor of Marine and Antarctic Science.

    Detailed admissions information and advice for all undergraduate courses, including comprehensive, course-level student profiles, is available from UTAS Admissions.

    Fees & scholarships

    Domestic students

    Options for this course

    Cost shouldn’t get in the way of you studying.

    If you’re a domestic student, you may be eligible for a Commonwealth Supported Place in this course. This means your fees will be subsidised by the Australian Government. You’ll only need to pay the student contribution amount for each unit you study within the course.

    You may also be able to defer payment of the student contribution amount by accessing a HECS-HELP loan from the Government. If eligible, you’ll only have to pay your tuition fees once you start earning above a specific amount.

    Further information is available at Scholarships, fees and costs.

    Student contribution

    Student contribution amounts are charged for each unit of study. This means that how much you’ll pay will depend on which units you choose. Find out more about student contribution amounts.

    Further information

    Detailed fee information for domestic students is available at Scholarships, fees and costs, including additional information in relation to the compulsory Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF).

    International students

    International students should refer to the International Students course fees page to get an indicative course cost.


    Domestic students

    The Undergraduate Certificate of Antarctic and Climate Science is available with 100% HECS fee waiver for eligible domestic students commencing study in 2023. This means you can have NO tuition fees to pay.

    Fee waiver details

    For domestic students commencing study in 2023, we are pleased to offer this degree with a 100% HECS and SSAF fee waiver.

    This waiver is valid for students admitted and commencing this course in 2023 provided the eligibility criteria are met. This waiver is valid for units offered in 2023 only.

    If you are eligible, the HECS waiver will be automatically applied upon enrolment. The waiver is not available for OUA students.

    1. You are an Australian citizen or permanent resident (i.e. eligible for a Commonwealth Supported Place [CSP]).
    2. You are enrolled in the Undergraduate Certificate of Antarctic and Climate Science and commence study 2023.
    3. You must be enrolled in a minimum of one unit and must remain enrolled until after the University Census Date relevant to the semester of study. If you are on an approved Leave of Absence (LOA), you are exempt from this requirement for the duration of your approved LOA.
    4. To retain this fee waiver, you must engage with your enrolled units. If you have not engaged and receive a result of AN (Absent deemed failed) for all enrolled units in a given study period, will not retain the waiver/discount from the following study period onward. You cannot then apply to have the waiver/discount reinstated.
    5. Not be excluded from the course based on academic progress or misconduct.

    For information on general scholarships available at the University of Tasmania, please visit the scholarships website.

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