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What to Pay

How do I determine how much my student contribution or tuition fees are?


As soon as you enrol in the units you wish to study, any relevant fees will be added to your current invoice.
You will need to generate a copy of your invoice once you have enrolled in your units.

To generate your invoice:

  • Log in to eStudent
  • Go to 'Manage My Course' (via My Study)
  • Click 'Transcripts and Invoices'
  • Click the 'Request' button to email yourself your Tax Invoice/Statement of Account

Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF)

The Fees Team coordinates the invoicing and collection of this fee. We can answer all your questions in regards to your SSAF invoice and the payment of this fee.

For all other enquiries regarding SSAF please see Student Services and Amenities Fee SSAF on the Current Students website or contact us at

Please note: SSAF is currently incorporated into the annual rate for International students.

Other Fees & Charges

Non-Tuition Fees

Text books, Stationery, Levies and other requirements

  • These fees will vary depending on the course and units you enrol in. We recommend you allow approximately $1000 for a full time study load for text books and stationery.
  • For some courses, students will be required to purchases other supplies, e.g. stethoscope, clothing for professional experience placements, scientific calculators, safety equipment (i.e. goggles, laboratory coats) etc.
    Please contact your course or unit co-ordinator for further information on requirements and details of costs prior to purchasing any additional equipment
  • Excursions – please contact your college or course co-ordinator for details
  • Levies may include costs for materials etc. Please contact your course or unit co-ordinator for details
  • Scientific Diving – please see Course and Unit Information for details - Scientific Diving



  • Students and visitors are permitted to park in designated car parking areas only. For details of parking available on campuses and costs, please go to Parking.


  • Students who are required to have their language ability assessed and need to sit an IELTS Exam will be charged a fee. For details on how to apply and costs for IELTS exam, please go to Apply for ielts exam.


  • Some campuses at the University of Tasmania offer child care services, for more information on facilities and costs, please visit our campuses and navigate to the relevant campus.

Library Costs

  • Students who borrow books from the library and return them late or not at all will be fined. For details on costs for returning books late or lost books.

Application Fees

  • International students applying for the Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery must pay an application fee when submitting an application. For details of costs, please go to Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery (refer to Entry Requirements).


  • Student fees cover the cost of short courses that need to be completed in order for students to be eligible for their Oral Examination. Students receive short course certificates when the courses are successfully completed and they also receive an AMSA completion statement, there is no additional charge for the certificates. However, to receive an AMSA Certificate of Competency (CoC) student must be eligible to sit an Oral Examination and the additional fees are payable directly to AMSA. For more details on the costs associated with AMSA certification and registration, please go to the AMSA website a

International Fees

  • SSAF – International students are not required to pay a separate fee for Student Services and Amenities. These charges are incorporated in the annual rate paid by international students
  • International students who have exceptional circumstances can apply for a payment plan to pay their tuition fees. Commencing students are not able to accept an offer with a payment plan. For details on eligibility criteria and costs, please go to Forms and files.
  • Students who have had their enrolment cancelled due to non-payment of fees can apply for reinstatement. For details on procedures and costs, please go to Forms and files

Refund Fees

  • Students requesting a refund will incur charges for refunds to international bank accounts. Students requesting a refund may also be liable for other fees depending on when they withdraw or if their enrolment is cancelled due to non-compliance. For information relating to refund administration fees, refer to International Refund Policy.

Academic Transcripts and Completion Letters

  • Students can request copies of their Academic Transcripts and/or Completion Letters from the Exams Office. For details on how to apply and costs, please go to Exam and Results forms.


A range of accommodation options are available for students studying at any of the University of Tasmania campuses throughout the state.

Find out more about our accommodation options