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Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR)

What is my ATAR?

ATAR stands for Australian Tertiary Admission Rank. This number, between 0 and 99.95, is your rank among all year 12 students in Tasmania.

In other words, if you receive an ATAR score of 80, that means you’re in the top 20 per cent of your peers.

Will I get an ATAR?

You’ll receive your ATAR once it is finalised at the end of the School year.

To be eligible, you need to meet the standards of the Tasmanian Certificate of Education (TCE). Read more about these requirements here.

How is it calculated?

Your ATAR is based on your total best-five equivalent scaled scores.

The two years of study which your ATAR can be calculated from don’t have to be consecutive, but must be in Years 11, 12 or 13.

What ATAR do I need?

Each of our courses has a Guaranteed Entry ATAR, which you can find in the Course and Unit Handbook. This means, if you have the right ATAR, you can be guaranteed a place within that course.

If there are no Guaranteed Entry ATAR scores, you’ll need to look at the entry requirements.

What else do I need to get into my preferred course?

Every course has its own requirements. Some of these include interviews and auditions.

You can meet these requirements with studies from your TCE or through additional foundation units and pathway programs.

Check the entry requirements section in the Course and Unit Handbook under the degree you want to study.

How does course selection work?

Selection is based on eligibility and merit. Eligibility means you can be considered for your chosen course. Your rank then determines whether you’ll be selected.

Offers are made by rank until the course is filled or the minimum score for the course is reached. However, meeting the admission requirements does not guarantee you entry into the course of your choice.

Remember: Your ATAR isn’t everything

If your ATAR doesn't meet the requirements for a course you want to study, then don’t worry. There are many ways for you to study with us.

If you’re not eligible for your preferences, we’ll provide you with other course options. We have many pathways that can help you get into your chosen course later.

To talk with us about options, contact our Information Centre at or call 1300 363 864.

What if I didn't get an ATAR?

Some students complete study paths that don’t result in an ATAR. This might include Vocational Education and Training (VET) study, senior schooling at home, or going to a school with a non-standard curriculum.

Don’t worry. You’ll be assessed according to your study plan, subjects and results. Then, you’ll be given something called an Assessed Entry Score (AES). This will be converted to a rank.

If I studied Year 11 interstate, can I get an ATAR?

Yes, your scores will be converted to an equivalent Tasmanian score. TASC will then calculate your TE and ATAR.

Will my results from Year 13 count towards my ATAR?

Yes, but you can only count results from two calendar years. In other words, you can count results from Year 11 and Year 13, or Year 12 and Year 13, but not from all three.

Do High Achiever Program (HAP) and University Connections Program (UCP) units count towards my ATAR?

Yes. Subject scaling is applied to HAP and UCP units in the same way as scaling for TASC Level 3 and Level 4 subjects.

What is Scaling?

Scaling is a way of standardising marks to make sure that students are not disadvantaged by their subject choices. It does not change your ranking within a course.

How do I get an ATAR if I’ve completed the IB?

You won’t receive an ATAR if you’ve completed the IB diploma. Instead, you’ll be given a rank similar to an ATAR.

What is the TCE?

The Tasmanian Certificate of Education is a qualification students get when they finish years 11 and 12.

To learn more, go to the TASC website.

Need more information?

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