Introductory Linguistics for Speech Pathology

Learn basic linguistics concepts for speech and language including phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax and language in society.

100 hours
Semester 1

About this short course

Immerse yourself in the science of language and the art of communication.

In this short course, you will learn fundamental concepts of linguistics which are directly related to speech and language pathology, including semantics and pragmatics. You will develop a practical understanding of the structural features of language including sounds and sound systems (phonetics and phonology), words and word classes (morphology and grammar), and the use of language in society.

Who should do this course?

There are no pre-requisites or assumed prior knowledge to undertake this course.

The core learnings of this course will be valuable for those interested in improving their understanding of the mechanics of speech and theoretical knowledge about linguistics and social dimensions of language. This is a credit bearing short course to provide participants with a potential pathway option into the Master of Speech Pathology.

Course Structure

This short course is fully online and will consist of interactive online learning as well as the opportunity to engage in online interactions.  Successful completion of assessment tasks, such as online quizzes and reflective tasks will entitle participants to receive a Certificate of Completion.

As a general guide, we recommend allocating 10 hours per week, over the eight-week course duration in which to complete the course.  For those looking to commence studies within the Masters of Speech Pathology in Semester 2, it is recommended that you complete the course no later than June 2023.

What you will learn

  • Describe fundamental concepts of linguistics for speech pathology including concepts of form, content and use, explain the concepts of semantics and pragmatics, and explore the different branches of linguistics.
  • Explore speech sound systems (phonology) and speech sounds (phonetics), including for disordered speech and connected speech. You will learn and use the International Phonetic Alphabet to transcribe Australian English speech sounds.
  • Explore written English through the study of words and word formation (morphology) and sentence structure (syntax).
  • Understand and explore communication styles, code-switching and style-shifting, genre theory and school genres, the interplay between language and culture, and different forms of communication.

Learn from experienced educators, with an extensive experience in teaching diverse groups and engage in curriculum development.

Learning pathway and pre-requisite into the Master of Speech Pathology available.

Engage in a participatory online learning experience.