Creativity, Culture and Society

University of Tasmania researchers are at the forefront of developing and refining creative ideas to improve social policy, industry innovation, community wellbeing and learning cultures. In responding to today's complex challenges, we recognise the importance of creativity, critique and engagement. Our researchers adopt robust and innovative research strategies to tackle society's wicked problems.

Working collaboratively across disciplines and with the community, our researchers explore questions that will support improvements in society at individual, group and institutional levels. This includes building evidence-based knowledge and understanding of culture and society, generating creative means of reflecting on and engaging with change, and informing decision-making in regard to how we live, learn, trade and govern.

University of Tasmania researchers seek to understand the economic, social and cultural dynamics that shape our behaviour in times of change, through a range of lenses.

We work to build resilience and wellbeing within individuals, communities and nations by identifying ways for communities to adapt to change– spanning from societal changes to responses to natural disasters – including the promotion of diverse and inclusive learning cultures.

Fast Facts

The $96 million Hedberg development, due for completion in 2020, will comprise improvements to the Theatre Royal, and a new University Conservatorium of Music; it will include new performance venues, public spaces and an international research institute. 

Research Focus

Resilience and Wellbeing

Promoting resilient and thriving communities in an era marked by social, cultural and technological change.

Media Transformations

Investigating how both traditional and emerging technologies can and could be used to transform and engage.

Creative Engagement

Developing new audiences, capacities and approaches to excite greater creative production and cultural engagement.

Cultural Heritage

Investigating how we understand, protect, interpret and connect to our unique cultural heritage.

Local and global society

Developing new understandings of how people, groups and institutions operate and interact, and applying that knowledge to benefit society.

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