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College of Arts, Law and Education

It is my pleasure to introduce the College, which was established on 1 July 2017, by aligning the previous Arts, Law and Education faculties as a single entity.

The College brings together teaching and research expertise in creative arts, education, humanities, law, and social sciences to create a multi-disciplinary hothouse for exploring new ideas and knowledge that will help shape the futures of individuals and societies, both locally and internationally.

The College offers a diverse curriculum that encourages students to take a multi-faceted approach to exploring issues and ideas and provides learning experiences, including local placements and international exchanges, that prepare them for exciting and meaningful careers.

The College hosts a number of institutes that reflect its research strengths. The Institute for Social Change, the Tasmania Law Reform Institute and the Asia Institute Tasmania challenge current thinking, educate and inform, and contribute to the formation of public policy and the creation of better communities.

I invite you to join our College - as a student, researcher, staff member, supporter – to play your part in creating the future.

Professor Kate Darian-Smith, Executive Dean and Pro Vice-Chancellor, College of Arts, Law and Education

Graduates impacting the world

College of Arts, Law and Education graduates are critical thinkers, problem-solvers, leaders, motivators and effective communicators. They are people who don’t shy away from a good discussion or the chance to argue a case. They actively seek to engage and to think outside the box creatively.


Research in the College of Arts, Law and Education provides social, cultural and creative expertise towards solving many of the most complex and baffling problems faced by humans and the planet.

Based in the schools of Social Science, Education, Humanities, Law and Creative Arts and Media, and our specialised institutes and centres, our researchers work across community, industry and international networks to help shape contemporary debates and to address pressing issues.

Featured Project

Media Literacy Project, YouTube video

Helping young audiences to be critical of the content they consume

The ABC-UTAS Media Literacy Project will expand scholarly knowledge about media literacy and inform the production of more segments and features by the ABC which teach audience how to be critical of content they consume and build their knowledge and skills about how to participate. The focus will be on particularly on students aged 11 -16.