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Research Institutes, Centres and Groups

Research at the University of Tasmania takes place across more than 50 institutes, centres and groups. Together they generate a rich and diverse research culture, underpinned by vibrant multi-disciplinary collaborations, world-class facilities and a global reputation for research excellence.

The University of Tasmania is leading the country in this flagship dynamic Australian Research Council (ARC) program, designed to drive innovation and excellence across the nation's high-growth industries.

To date, we have secured $22 million in ARC funding to establish seven ARC Industrial Transformation Research Hubs and Training Centres. Fostering close partnerships between the University and industry, the hubs and training centres provide a rich environment for the development of new products, processes and services and high-end postgraduate and postdoctoral training that will transform Australian industries.

The investment is a reflection of the University's commitment to research partnerships, and our strength in delivering end-user driven solutions that have impact at both a local and global level.