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Welcome to the Australian Research Council Centre for Forest Value

The ARC Centre for Forest Value (CFV) provides research solutions to industry driven problems in the forest and wood products sector. The Centre is currently undertaking a range of research projects spanning the vast forest and forest products value chain, including tree genetics, growing climate ready forests, forest silviculture, forest socio-economics, forest restoration and conservation, and wood and bio-products. The Centre also focuses on producing industry-ready graduates and postdoctoral fellows with broad perspectives of the forest industry.

The opportunity to conduct research as part of the Centre for Forest Value has attracted students from all around the globe to Tasmania.

The Centre

The role of the Centre for Forest Value (CFV) is to build research capacity within the forest management and wood products sector and provide evidence-based research to industry identified problems. The Centre was funded through the Australian Research Council and industry partners for 6 years from 2016-2021 and is now continuing through funding from a range of funding sources including: the Growers Research Advisory Committee of Forest and Wood Products Australia, the Regional Research Collaboration Program, the National Institute for Forest Products Innovation (Gippsland), Flora Australia, the Holsworth Wildlife Fund and Birdlife Australia. Collaborating with a wide range of industry partners, the Centre conducts high-quality research embedded in research excellence with impactful outcomes to drive solutions.

The Centre for Forest Value builds on 30 years of forestry research history at the University of Tasmania. View our Legacy Centres.

Interested in collaborating? Please contact:

Professor Julianne O'Reilly-Wapstra
Director, ARC Centre for Forest Value
P: +61 3 6226 6656

PhD project opportunities

The Centre for Forest Value currently has no new projects on offer.

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The ARC Centre for Forest Value produces research across all aspects of the forest value chain. Below are some of the highlights of the research produced by the Centre.

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