College of Sciences and Engineering

We're here to inspire curiosity, to help people understand and explore big ideas, and share the excitement of discovery and creativity. To achieve this, we offer our world class facilities across a broad spectrum of disciplines, and draw upon the amazing living laboratory offered by our home state of Tasmania.

We are at the forefront of the University's world class research, constantly exploring new frontiers and developing innovative solutions to current and future problems. This feeds our teaching and community outreach, where we work to enable and inspire people of all ages to be tomorrow's generation of leaders and tackle the world's most complex challenges.

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Study with us

When you study with us your education experience extends well beyond the classroom. Diverse industry connections, practical and hands-on learning, and involvement in our world class research means you graduate with job ready knowledge and skills that put you in demand with employers around the world.

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Our research

Our College is proudly at the forefront of the University's world class research, and continues a long and distinguished history of innovation and excellence. We celebrate both the diversity of our research as well as the strength of our researchers' achievements on the world stage.

our Research

Schools and Community Outreach

We have an extensive program of outreach activity, including on-campus workshops, state-wide competitions and major festivals.

We aim to raise awareness of the vital role that STEM has in our society. We’re committed to providing opportunities for future STEM professionals to learn new skills and to meet like-minded people.

Whether you are a student, a teacher, a family, or just have an interest, join us to uncover the amazing possibilities in STEM!

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