ARC Centre for Forest Value

Research Projects

The research program of the ARC Centre for Forest Value is structured into three themes that span the forest products supply chain. Currently there are 11 PhD candidates, three postdocs and numerous industry, academic, and affiliated researchers participating in the projects being undertaken by the Centre for Forest Value 

The current projects for each theme are listed in the below links:

Theme 1 Projects

Theme 2 Projects

Theme 3 Projects

Theme 1. Sustainable forest production and certification -

Chief investigators: Professor Brad Potts & RenĂ© Vaillancourt

Theme 1 researches the establishment, growth and management of forests planted for restoration and production, in particular Australia’s hardwood estate. Research is focused at both the tree and genetic level. Studies in the production forest landscape focus on the management of plantation hardwoods and their transition from a predominantly pulpwood resource to an estate able to deliver a range of certifiable products including structural and engineered wood products. Restoration projects recognise the need for forest certification in forest management. These projects integrate forestry into a wider landscape context by considering ecosystem services, forest certification, business diversification and the role that tree planting can have in agricultural landscapes.

Theme 2: Products and manufacturing

Chief Investigator: Associate Professor Greg Nolan

Architecture of house being builtTheme 2 focuses on maximising the value of eucalypt logs. This theme examines the potential to convert plantation grown eucalypt timber into high value logs for use in appearance-grade solid timber and veneer products. This theme examines the visual characteristics of the resources and compares it to the performance required in architectural design. Key projects in this theme focus on developing methods for specification and performance testing. This will enable the uptake of plantation eucalypt timbers for both generic building components and custom element manufacturing.

Theme 3. Supply chain integration and information management

Chief Investigator: Associate Professor Paul Turner

LogsTheme 3 aims to transform business practices and performance through the development and integration of innovative new technologies. New sensor technologies enable the collection of smart data across the value chain, providing the ability to record and track products from the forest to the end-user. A key focus of theme 3 is to enhance resource grading, tracking and management by developing mechanisms for the flow of information across a traditionally fragmented forestry sector. This will enable improved resource utilisation, production efficiencies and enable value chain optimisation.