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Wood Products

Production forests produce timber that can be utilised in a wide range of products including solid timber, engineered wood products and wood chip for paper products. Innovation has led to an ability to value add to the timber resource by producing new products and utilising residues for energy production and bioproducts.

We currently have no students studying in this research area, however, opportunities are available for expressions of interest.  Please see details on our homepage.

In the meantime, say hello to Michelle and Vilius, recently completed PhD Candidates in this area.

Current Projects

Non-destructive evaluation of plantation logs for segregation into different product types

Supervisors: Assoc Prof Julianne O'Reilly-Wapstra, Prof Mark Hunt, Assoc Prof Greg Nolan, Dr Nathan Kotlarewski, Dr Andrew Jacobs, Dr Dean Williams

There are great opportunities to extend the use of the hardwood plantation estate in Tasmania for higher-value products such as sawn material, veneers and engineered wood products. To maximise these opportunities, it is important to understand the wood quality traits of the current resource.

This project aims to investigate wood quality traits of standing eucalypt trees, logs and boards using non-destructive techniques. The project works across the full value chain of growers, harvesters and processors to:

  1. Investigate and map environmental effects on wood quality traits in fibre-grown Eucalyptus nitens plantations
  2. Examine the capacity to sort and segregate trees and logs on a harvesting landing using Non-Destructive Techniques to predict wood properties
  3. Investigate the perceived and effective characteristics of the raw material impacting different products
  4. Assess the volume and value recovery of eucalypt sawn material for structural production
  5. Investigate in-forest segregation systems to sort logs into different quality classes at the moment of harvest

The outcomes of this research will enable a greater understanding of the characteristics of the fibre-managed eucalypt plantation resource, its suitability for different product types and its potential uses, while validating the use of readily available and novel technologies to test wood quality.

Michelle Balasso , YouTube video

Michelle Balasso

Michelle is investigating non-destructive techniques to predict properties and quality of plantation hardwood.

Silvicultural options to optimise the productivity of Eucalyptus nitens

Supervisors: Assoc Prof Julianne O'Reily-Wapstra, Prof Mark Hunt, Dr Mark Neyland, Dr Andrew Jacobs, Dr Dean Williams

This project aims to enhance plantation productivity by understanding the effects of silvicultural management on growth and wood characteristics. In particular this project will examine the effects of tree spacing and thinning on critical wood properties such as basic density, tension wood and modulus of elasticity.

Vilius Gendvilas, YouTube video

Vilius Gendvilas

Vilius aims to enhance plantation productivity by understanding the effects of silvicultural management on growth and wood characteristics.