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ARC Industrial Transformation Training Centre for Forest Value (2016 – 2021)

The research program of the ARC Centre for Forest Value was structured into three themes that span the forest products supply chain. Numerous PhD candidates, postdocs and industry, academic, and affiliated researchers participated in the projects that were undertaken by the Centre for Forest Value.

The projects for each theme are listed in the below links:


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Our partners

Australian Research Council

The ARC Industrial Transformation Training Centre for Forest Value was supported through funding from the Australian Research Council's Industrial Transformation Training Centres scheme (project number IC150100004). The Centre, located within the University of Tasmania, has been made possible through $3.6 million funding from the Australian Research Council, with additional funding from our industry partners and the University of Tasmania.

Industry Partners

The Centre's research and training plan targets the whole value chain from component design and construction, component fabrication, wood products manufacture, log harvesting, forest production, certification and forest restoration. Consequently, the Centre includes collaborations with partners focused on each of these elements who provided strategic advice and evaluate and refine research outputs to optimise the benefits and impacts arising from the Training Centre and to support industry transformation.