ARC Centre for Forest Value

CRC Temperate Hardwood Forestry (1991-1998)


The general objectives of the Centre were:

  • to undertake high-quality scientific and technological research which contributes to national forestry objectives, including economic and social development of an internationally competitive industry sector
  • to ensure that industry captures the benefits of research and to strengthen the links between research and its commercial and other applications by the active involvement of the industrial participants in the work of the Centre 
  • to develop a centre of forestry research by promoting cooperative research and through it a more efficient use of resources
  • to provide relevant education and training, particularly in graduate programs, through the involvement of researchers from outside the higher education system in educational activities and by involving graduate students in major research programs
  • to operate effectively and efficiently according to international standards and under sound financial control
  • to ensure staff are well motivated, appropriately motivated and work safely

The Centre aimed to become a national centre for developing and promoting innovation in hard-wood forestry by:

  • developing forest management systems to increase wood productivity in temperate hardwood forests in an environmentally sustainable and responsible way
  • improving the quality of wood from hardwood forests to ensure its market suitability for efficient, value added processing
  • gaining a competitive advantage for Australia's forestry sector over other hardwood producing countries
  • developing a national centre for excellence for postgraduate training with emphasis on training graduates relevant to the training sector