ARC Centre for Forest Value

CRC for Forestry (2005-2011)

The Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) for Forestry was an Australia-wide joint venture supported by the forestry industry, research organisations, state agencies and the Australian Government. Our mission was to support a sustainable and vibrant Australian forestry industry through research, education, communication and collaboration.

Our visionCRC Forestry Logo

  • to be recognised as a world-leading collaborative forestry research organisation
  • to be the organisation of choice to conduct and coordinate strategic research on key issues for the Australian forestry industry
  • to be a trusted and reliable source of information and analysis of science-based knowledge relating to forests and forestry in Australia.

Our competitive advantage

The CRC was a working partnership built upon a foundation of 21 years of successful collaboration amongst the nation's leading forest research organisations, companies and government agencies. We were passionately committed to the growth of a socially responsible and ecologically sustainable industry.

Our core values

  • world-class science and innovation
  • impact and accountability
  • strength and quality through partnerships
  • open and honest communication
  • good governance
  • continuous improvement.


  • Improved ability to select planting sites and manage for increased profitability of plantation investments, through higher yields and lower costs of production. 
  • Increased use of planting stock with improved genetic potential, managed to optimise production of high-value wood for fibre and solid-wood markets. 
  • Adoption of harvesting and logistical practices that reduce delivered wood costs, contributing to industry profitability, while maintaining conformity with codes of practice and certification standards.
  • Improved security of access to land and forest resources for the forest industry, sustaining levels of investment in the establishment of new plantations, through demonstrated ability to manage in an environmentally and socially sustainable manner.