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The College of Sciences and Engineering conducts world-class research into our marine, Antarctic, maritime, terrestrial and built environments, as well as fundamental sciences and mathematics, to solve real-world problems with local impact and global significance.

Working across the widest range of research-active disciplines at the University of Tasmania, our researchers are part of strong interdisciplinary teams asking new questions and driving creativity, innovation and industry transformation in Tasmania, Australia and beyond.

Through our research, the College seeks to create new knowledge and understand our natural, production and urban environments, applying this knowledge to live sustainably now and into the future.

Our Schools and Institutes

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We strive to translate our research into benefits for society, by engaging with government, industry and the community to solve real-world problems at a local, national and global level.

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We offer a diverse range of research degrees that equip Graduates with the skills, knowledge, confidence and connections to kick start, or further their careers.

Affiliated research centres, units and facilities