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Megan Tighe

PhD Candidate, Politics and International Relations School of Social Sciences

Room 431 , Social Sciences

+61 3 62262331 (phone)

Megan’s PhD research explores the formation of coalition governments between centre-right and green parties, and considers how green parties achieve partisan influence over public policy during coalition governance.

Megan is completing her PhD under the supervision of Associate Professor Kate Crowley.


Megan completed her Bachelor of Arts (First Class Honours) at the University of Tasmania in 2013, majoring in sociology and public policy. She then spent two years putting knowledge into practice as Policy and Communications Officer for the Tourism Industry Council, during an exciting period of growth and opportunity for the local tourism industry. She was involved with innovative policy projects and collaborative partnerships, including Parks 21, with a particular focus on sustainable and nature-based tourism initiatives.


Professional practice

Affiliated Researcher, Institute for the Study of Social Change (University of Tasmania)

Member, Australian Political Science Association (APSA)

Member, International Political Science Association (IPSA/AISP)


Teaching expertise

Megan has provided teaching assistance (including guest lectures, tutorials, marketing and some unit coordination) for all levels of undergraduate coursework.

Units have included HPP101 Introduction to Politics and Policy; HPP2/312 Environmental Politics and Policy; HPP205 Australian Politics; HIR311 Advanced Seminar in Politics and International Relations, and HPP302 Governance, Power and Public Policy.

Megan’s research and teaching interests include: comparative politics, party politics, electoral studies, and public policy; especially coalition and minority government formation and governance, partisan influence on policy-making, and environmental / green parties. She has particular research and personal interest in the domestic politics of Australia, Ireland, Finland, the UK and Germany.

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Comparative politics

Party politics

Coalition formation
Coalition governance
Minority government

Partisan influence on policy-making
Environmental politics
Green politics

Green parties

Australian politics
Irish politics

Research Themes

Megan returned to the University of Tasmania in 2015. Her PhD thesis focuses on the Finnish and Irish Greens in government 2007-2011. It seeks to understand why these green parties entered a conservative coalition, and how they have assessed their own policy ‘success’ after serving in those coalitions. Megan’s thesis also aims to provide a distinctive analysis of the Greens’ role in developing national policy responses to the Global Financial Crisis from 2008.

Fields of Research

  • Australian government and politics (440801)

Research Objectives

  • Government and politics (230299)


Total publications


Journal Article

(1 outputs)
2017Crowley K, Tighe M, 'Where greens support conservatives: lessons from the Rundle minority government in Tasmania 1996-98', Australian Journal of Politics and History, 63, (4) pp. 572-587. ISSN 0004-9522 (2017) [Refereed Article]

DOI: 10.1111/ajph.12404 [eCite] [Details]

Citations: Scopus - 3Web of Science - 1

Co-authors: Crowley K


Megan’s PhD is funded under the Australian Government’s Research Training Scheme (RTS).