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Teaching Matters 2018 | Presentation Details | 2018


A partnership in pedagogy


Seeta Jaikaran-Doe, School of Technology
Peter Doe, School of Technology, Environments and Design


Excellent teaching engages students and encourages them to learn

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Sir Raymond Ferrall Centre Foyer




Lectures in the School of Engineering (SoE) traditionally have been conducted in the didactic, teacher-centred style. When the 2+2 program started in China in 2013 delivery (and content) mirrored UTAS SoE practice. Intended Learning Outcomes were the same on-shore and off-shore. Delivery of 72 of hours lectures, tutorials and lab sessions took just 10 days placing great pressure on students and staff. 

With an increasing number of Chinese students choosing to join the 2+2 program the SoE has undertaken on-shore and off-shore research into pedagogical practices with the aim of finding the most effective techniques. The content is now delivered partly by local teaching assistants (26 hours); lecture notes and videos are uploaded in advance to AEMG Cloudcampus (MyLO equivalent) with face-to-face delivery by SoE lecturers (44 hours) spanning three weeks.

Our poster will present our journey exploring a range of pedagogies with Chinese students in a variety of scenarios and of our own developing understanding of the learning needs of Chinese students.


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