Teaching Matters

A Peer Learning Circle to review and support pharmacology teaching across the Faculty of Health

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Teaching Matters 2017 | Presentation Details | 28 NovemberNov 2017


A Peer Learning Circle to review and support pharmacology teaching across the Faculty of Health


Bonnie Bereznicki, School of Medicine
Nicole Bye, School of Medicine
Vanni Caruso, School of Medicine
Colin Curtain, School of Medicine
Rochelle Einboden, School of Health Sciences
Daniel Hoyle, School of Medicine
Li Shean Toh, School of Medicine
Barbara Wimmer, School of Medicine
Mark Zasadny, School of Health Sciences


Advancing the Scholarship of Learning and Teaching

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As the number of courses and student cohorts increase within the Faculty of Health, more academic staff are required to teach units across different disciplines. Pharmacology is taught across multiple health disciplines, including pharmacy, medicine, paramedicine and nursing. Our Peer Learning Circle includes pharmacology lecturers from each of these disciplines, and was established to share resources, experiences and learning and teaching issues. As part of this process we are undertaking a multidisciplinary peer review of pharmacology teaching. The goals of this peer review process were to:

  • Learn about how pharmacology is taught to different cohorts and discipline;
  • Receive feedback on our own teaching;
  • Share resources, experiences and ideas;
  • Provide feedback to unit and course coordinators;
  • Inform unit/course refinement and development; and
  • Meet Teaching Performance Expectations.

Using a template to guide us through a systematic peer review process, we have collected information about each unit from unit outlines and an observation of a teaching activity. An interview with each academic was also conducted to collect further information about the student cohort, the content and format of teaching activities, and individual teaching experiences. This process allowed for reflection, feedback on teaching practices, sharing resources and insights into how pharmacology is taught in different divisions across the Schools of Medicine and Health Sciences. This will pave the way for strengthening teaching practice in the pharmacology curriculum and building a sense of community, peer collaboration and resources within the Faculty of Health.

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