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PS6 R2 Connecting despite COVID-19

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Teaching Matters 2020 | Presentation Details | 1 December 20201 Dec 2020


Connecting despite COVID-19


Lyn Goldberg, Wicking Dementia Research and Education Centre, CoHM



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CAD116: Introduction to Therapeutic Approaches for Dementia was a new unit in Semester 1, 2020. It is part of Year 1 in the award-winning and fully online Bachelor of Dementia Care (BDemCare). For many students this was their final unit to complete a Diploma of Dementia Care.

Typically, recorded video lectures for each week (or module) in BDemCare units are made available on Mondays at 9am. Discussion Boards (asynchronous) and regular or periodic Collaborate sessions (synchronous) provide complementary engagement opportunities throughout the semester. With student approval, and to facilitate supportive engagement during the emerging COVID-19 situation, weekly Collaborate sessions were scheduled in which lectures were presented live. As each lecture was delivered, students were able to ask questions, via Chat or verbally. Sessions were held on Wednesday evenings and recorded for students who could not participate. Slides and notes for each lecture were made available at 9am each preceding Monday.

Data on participating students; their questions, comments, grades, and end-of-semester eVALUate survey feedback, were collected and analysed.

22/178 (12%) of students participated regularly; enabling familiarity, informal conversations, and interactive discussions and support that are often difficult in online learning; eVALUate data from 55% (99/178) of the students were >95% on all criteria with positive comments from students who listened to the recordings. Is this a teaching and learning strategy to consider in a fully online program or a rueful reflection on seeing students regularly in face-to-face classes? How can we design a carefully controlled study to find out?

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