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PS7 R5 Creative Country: Making with Country to reveal knowledges and strengthen connections

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Teaching Matters 2020 | Presentation Details | 2 December 20202 Dec 2020


Creative Country: Making with Country to reveal knowledges and strengthen connections


  • Janice Ross, Riawunna Centre for Aboriginal Education, Academic Division
  • Antonia Aitken, School of Creative Arts and Media, CALE


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Showcase Presentation


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Creative Country was a shared knowledges workshop held in 2019 on Country in nipaluna / Hobart followed by a workshop in the School of Creative Arts and Media (CAM) Printmaking Studio. Funded by the Indigenous Student Success Initiative Program, this pilot program provided Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art students and community members a unique opportunity to explore creative responses to Country.

Developed collaboratively by Tasmanian Aboriginal artist and cultural facilitator Janice Ross, and artist and teacher Dr Antonia Aitken; this workshop aimed to explore potential teaching methodologies that entwine palawa Tasmanian Aboriginal culture, perspectives and knowledge with creative art curriculum.

The workshop built on successful initiatives being supported and delivered in the Printmaking Studio at CAM for the Tasmanian Aboriginal community. This included the delivery of Riawunna’s Murina Program art units in 2017/18. From this work, important conversations emerged around how best to support students and community; by providing welcoming, safe and enriching learning environments and experiences. Creative Country asked, ‘how could we establish shared teaching models that enable students to vibrantly connect with and protect Country and culture through art, within the institutional space?’

Creative Country revealed the importance of being and making on Country to nurture deep connection and creativity for students. It provided an important forum for participants to reflect upon and communicate their institutional experiences, and co-create potential teaching and learning approaches. The Program provided invaluable insights and exciting possibilities for future programs which strengthen and interweave Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander pedagogies into creative arts curriculum.

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