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PS9 R3c Creating meaningful Short Course pathways to support lifelong learning

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Teaching Matters 2020 | Presentation Details | 2 December 20202 Dec 2020


Creating meaningful Short Course pathways to support lifelong learning


  • Karen Edwards, Short Courses, Academic Division^
  • Martin Grimmer, Short Courses, Academic Division*



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Lightning Presentation


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Short Courses (consistent with the majority of the tertiary sector) has been very dynamic in 2020. For example, COVID-19 has been a catalyst behind the Federal Government’s Job-ready Graduates Package, and their commitment to invest $4.3 million over the coming 3 years to build a national online marketplace for micro-credentials to strengthen credit recognition, industry relevance of qualifications and lifelong learning (Department of Education, Skills and Employment, 2020).

In mid-2019, University College (UC) developed their Project Management Short Course Series. The suite of four Short Courses was derived from unit ZAA203 Managing Business Projects within the Associate Degree in Applied Business (ADAB). To date, 80 course participants have engaged in the Project Management Short Course Suite and will be eligible to receive their Certified Project Officer (CPO) certification awarded by the Institute of Project Management (University of Tasmania, 2020). In early 2021, University College will also (via a Recognition of Prior Learning process) award credit for this component of learning as part of a student’s Associate Degree studies. Whilst University College has created a successful and stackable credential pathway, the Short Course Unit will also articulate the various Short Course mechanisms and modelling that can be applied to create learning pathways, achieve revenue generation potential, and optimise learner pathway outcomes.

This presentation will highlight the University’s capacity to develop self-paced, online micro-credentials for industry; as well as provide an overview (and example) of how to design, model and deliver these offerings to support meaningful learning pathways.


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University of Tasmania. (2020). Project Management Course Bundle. https://short-courses.utas.edu.au/bundles/project-management-bundle

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