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2013 Honours and Postgraduate Coursework (MFAD, MVC) Exhibition


June 2013 Honours and Postgraduate Coursework (MFAD, MVC) Exhibition

Start Date

June 21, 2013

End Date

June 30, 2013


Plimsoll Gallery, Hunter Street

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June 2013 Honours and Postgraduate Coursework (MFAD, MVC) ExhibitionJune 2013 Honours and Postgraduate Coursework (MFAD, MVC) Exhibition Catalogue

Within the Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honours and Postgraduate Coursework programs, students develop an advanced self-directed program of study in one of the following specialisations: Art and Design Theory, Curatorial Studies, Drawing, E-Media, Furniture Design, Painting, Photography, Printmaking, Sculpture and Visual Communication.

The Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honours (Professional) and the Master of Fine Art and Design and the Master of Visual Communication are professionally oriented programs aimed at facilitating technical and conceptual development through studio practice. Graduates of Honours (Professional), the MFAD and the MVC are equipped with high level professional skills enabling employment in a variety of positions within the visual arts including studio and design practice, curatorial work, gallery administration and teaching.

The Bachelor of Fine Art with Honours Studio Research and Theory Research streams are aimed at preparing students for research training at postgraduate level, as well as developing their respective practices as artists, designers or writers.  Emphasis is placed on a spirit of excellence and a strong sense of independent enquiry. Research Honours candidates concentrate on developing a body of visual work, or a written thesis, of a speculative and individual nature. Experimentation is encouraged, along with a firm commitment to the written and oral articulation of art theory and its integration into art practice.

The ten candidates presenting their work in the June 2013 Honours and Postgraduate Coursework (MFAD, MVC) Exhibition have specialised in the fields of Electronic Media, Painting, Printmaking and Drawing. It has been exciting to observe their projects develop and reach fruition in this exhibition. I congratulate them all for their individual passion and drive, equalled only by their collegial generosity and support. It has been a privilege to work with them and I wish them all success for the future. 

I would like to thank the 2013 supervisory team: Dr. Megan Keating, Dr. Mary Scott, Dr. Martin Walch, Mr. Neil Haddon, Dr. Maria Kunda and Ms. Helen Wright, for their enthusiastic support of the Honours and Postgraduate Coursework Programs and their commitment to the students.  I would also like to acknowledge Dr. Llewellyn Negrin for an outstanding effort teaching Defining the Field and for providing valuable feedback and guidance on early drafts of the Honours student’s exegesis. 

Special thanks goes to GAP Studios, GAP liaison officer, April Krause and GAP designer Savina Lim for designing the exhibition invitation and catalogue. 

Anne MacDonald
Honours and Postgraduate Coursework Coordinator