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There are many ways you can stay involved with the University of Tasmania.

As a member of the University of Tasmania's alumni community, you are part of an illustrious award-winning family that continues to achieve extraordinary success worldwide.

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Alumni networks

Alumni are encouraged to become active participants within their local networks. They provide opportunities for alumni with a common link to connect and to keep in touch with the University and each other.

Our alumni networks are based around course, faculty, residential college, special interest areas and location. If you would like to be a network contact or want to commence a new network, email us at

Roles and expectations of network coordinators (PDF 106.1 KB)

Alumni world heat map
The top eight locations where alumni live around the world.


Volunteering gives you the opportunity to:

  • help others
  • meet new people and make unique connections
  • share your communication and leadership skills
  • enhance your career opportunities
  • expose students to a new industry

There are a number of professional and personal benefits to be gained from volunteering. Research shows that volunteering has both mental and physical health benefits. It can help improve your mood, grows your perspective and gratitude, increases your sense of purpose, and reduces your stress levels.

Stay involved with your University and share your valuable skills and experience with students, fellow graduates, and community members. Make a difference in your University of Tasmania community and beyond. The time commitment can be small, but your impact can be great. Volunteering with your community means surrounding yourself with like-minded people to help others and can also build your networks.

Tell us a little about yourself and get notified about alumni volunteering opportunities and programs available at the University.

Get involved with volunteering

Corporate Internship Spotlight: Incat

Help shape business education

We understand that business education doesn’t just happen in a classroom, and we are always looking for new ways to give our students the hands-on experience and skills they need to be job-ready.

The University of Tasmania seeks organisations to host business student interns for the Corporate Internship Program.

The Corporate Internship Program allows business students the opportunity to apply theoretical learning and network within practical, real-world settings.

Students studying in business areas including accounting, finance, marketing, management and economics may apply for the program and will work and learn within organisations 1 or 2 days a week for a set period.

Equally, participating organisations gain access to talented students, complete valuable project work and help mentor students in their final year of study.

Further information for businesses that wish to host an intern can be found here

Internships are being sought for 2022 and beyond. To discuss the Corporate Internship Program and potential internships or projects please get in touch with Tim Millbank, Corporate Internship Coordinator at

Giving back

A gift to the University of Tasmania can take many forms and no matter the size of the gift it has a real impact. It can be the difference in a student’s life, assist in a breakthrough research discovery that will change people’s lives, or help create positive outcomes for our community.

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