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The Plimsoll Inquiry


A new initiative connecting the Gallery with contemporary artists, port environment and community.

Start Date

Sept 13, 2013

End Date

Nov 3, 2013


Plimsoll Gallery, Hunter Street

RSVP / Contact Information

Open weekdays 12 – 5 (includes the Wednesday Night Fiasco, Wednesdays during October in the Hunter St area)

The Plimsoll Inquiry (PI) is a new art initiative that explores new types of exhibition programming. The PI aims to connect the University of Tasmania's Plimsoll Gallery on Hunter St, with its port environment and community, and to develop and deliver diverse innovative and experimental public interactions.

Over a seven-week period a series of one-off events will take place within the Gallery, at the Centre for the Arts and its Hunter St precinct. You will be able to eat vegetarian food among live farm animals, listen to interviews, and panel discussions, and participate in drawing workshops and public debates. You might dance with a performance artist, leave your problems with the PI's resident 'agony aunt', make dumplings, print money to shop with, shout from a speaker's box and experience new and experimental works by national and local sound artists and musicians.

You will witness and participate in a rich, moving feast of dynamic art projects.

The Plimsoll Gallery will be open to the public from 12 – 5pm week days, with additional programmed events announced throughout the seven weeks. On Wednesday nights during October 2013, The Plimsoll Inquiry will host Wednesday Night Fiasco, an event that spills out from the Centre for the Arts onto the Hunter St dock, creating a zone of organised events mingled with the regular activities of the area. Wednesday Night Fiasco aims to generate a micro festival atmosphere, with music and food vans, to encourage diverse participation from artists and performers in combination with engagement from the businesses and community of the local port area.

We would like to invite all members of our community to be part of The Plimsoll Inquiry.


Lucy Bleach // Prof Ross Gibson // Emeritus Prof Jonathan Holmes // Dr Maria Kunda // Fiona Lee // Prof Nikos Papastergiadis // Dr Mary Scott // John Vella // Paul Zika //

Artists, writers and participants include

Juliet Beale // Lucy Bleach // Dr Eliza Burke // Steven Carson // Scot Cotterell // Annie Geard // Prof Ross Gibson // Tom Hall // Andrew Harper // Dr Lucy Hawthorne // Melanie Herbert // Laura Hindmarsh // Hobart Improv Collective // Leigh Hobba // Dr Jan Hogan // Emeritus Prof Jonathan Holmes // Neil Holstrom // Prof Wayne Hudson // Dr Meg Keating // Ben Kluss // Dr Maria Kunda // Fiona Lee // Prof Jeff Malpas // Rae Marr // Ros Meeker // Milan Milojevic // Dr Anne Mestitz // Wendy Morrow // Dr Llewellyn Negrin // Nuclei // Dr Brigita Ozolins // Prof Nikos Papastergiadis // Sally Rees // Mikaela Revell // Jack Robbins // Cath Robinson // Dr Raef Sawford // Christine Scott // Dr Mary Scott // Amanda Shone // Bec Stevens // Dr Lucia Usmiani // John Vella // Dr Martin Walch // Meg Walch // Tricky Walsh // Dr Matt Warren // Dr Yvette Watt // Julien Williams // Paul Zika //

The Plimsoll Inquiry